Monday , June 28 – Travel Day Ending in Gaillac


The owner of Le Pause drove us down the hill to catch the 8 AM bus that took us to Millau (we had the bus to ourselves). Once in Millau, we immediately took the bus to Rodez that connected to the train to Albi.

While on the train we were talking to two French hikers and another person and somehow we decided to get off a stop early at Carmaux une ville triste (a sad or not-so-interesting city), it turned out — to begin walking from there, to Monesties. In Carmaux we went to the tourist office and then lunched at a brasserie then called the only chambre d’hote in Monesties and it was full. Plan C: we jumped on the train again to Gaillac to stay the night and resume walking.

In Gaillac we stayed in a chambre d’hote called Lucile Pinon, a somewhat spooky but very roomy and comfortable 17th century hotel particulier (city mansion). Saw signs for a GR (grande randonnee) trail designation – a trail category – but the tourist office called someone who said that it wasn’t finished (!). Walked Gaillac and saw much travaux (work in progress) and many very old buildings and much potential. It sits on the Tarn River. We learned about Gaillac wine: it has cepages (grape varieties) that I never heard of before! No restaurants open except for two fancy ones so we bought some cheese and picnicked in our room.

Lucile Pinon Chambre d'Hote in Gaillac

Lucile Pinon Chambre d’Hote in Gaillac


Stairway of the hotel particulier

Stairway of the hotel particulier


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