Tuesday, July 13 – Day Hike to Fontevraud l’Abbaye – 17 kms.


In Chinon, after chatting at length with some upper class English folks, we walked 17 kilometers to the Abbey Fontevraud along the River Vienne mostly and past fields and tall trees. Very flat.

Met a friend and toured the abbey – very extensive and interesting – then our friend drove us back to Chinon. We washed and dried all of our clothes for the first time. The three of us enjoyed a dinner at the same place Peggy and I dined at several years ago.

Walk to Fontevraud l’Abbaye

Walk to Fontevraud l’Abbaye

The Abbey

The Abbey

View of Chinon on Bastille Day

View of Chinon on Bastille Day

Our idyllic month — well, three weeks as it happened — of walking is over! What pleasure! Our 61- and 62-year old bodies held up! Peggy did a magnificent job of organizing the itinerary.

Here are the distance statistics:

Total distance walked with backpacks: 153 kms. or 91.8 miles
Total distanced walked without backpacks: 49 kms. or 29.4 miles
Total distanced walked: 202 kms. or 121.2 miles

Please write us if you have any questions about village-to-village walking in France.


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