Wednesday, July 7 – Walked from Cambo les Bains to Espellette to Ainhoa – 15.5 kms.


Nice section on the GR8. A bit hot, approaching canicule (heat wave) weather. Took detour to Espellette famous for piment de l’espellette, pimentos some Basques brought back from Mexico. It is grown here and found in many dishes and is doux (sweet) and not hot. Excellent in omelets. Found many French tourists at a marche in Espellette. Ate a sandwich on a bench in town. Nice village but didn’t stay too long.

On the way out Peggy bought an outdoor table cover at a factory outlet of Pays Basque designs that are rather contemporary looking. Last stretch into Ainhoa was off the GR and on a busy road. Took awhile to find chamber d’hotes: had to climb a bit out of town.

Looked for place to watch Spain and Germany World Cup semi-final match but unsuccessful. Ate in a good local place and talked to a couple: he English married to a Basque woman. Watched second half of match at our place: Spain won. Had previously decided to stay two nights in Ainhoa as a layover day.

Villa in Cambo

Villa in Cambo

View from Cambo

View from Cambo


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